This study examines the sales performance of agribusinesses based in the humid tropics of Latin America. Its focus is on strategic positioning and specific functional areas, ranging from marketing to human resources and purchasing. This paper contributes to the literature through a novel methodological approach, a configurational angle, which allows for the identification of multiple causal explanations for consistently good sales performance. It also advances the research agenda on Latin American businesses by studying the strategic recipes of agribusinesses. The findings have both theoretical and managerial implications.

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Keywords Emerging Markets, Latin America, Performance, QCA, Strategy
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Series INCAE Top Articles
Journal International Food and Agribusiness Management Review
Brenes, E, Ciravegna, L, & Pichardo, C. (2017). Examining the strategy-performance link of Latin American businesses – a configurational approach. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 20(3), 279–292. doi:10.22434/IFAMR2015.0163