Agropecuaria Montelíbano was a Honduran company engaged in growing, packing and marketing melons for customers and markets with differentiated needs under the brand Mike's Melons. Although the company was competing mainly in the USA and Europe, the melons were commercialized primarily in the United States; however, after a problem with the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) in 2008, it was clear that the company needed to expand its markets. It decided to further emphasize the European market. By 2010, Miguel Molina, Jr., CEO of the company, was wondering if the target markets still offered opportunity for growth or whether Agropecuaria Montelíbano should start seeking new destinations. The case study provides enough information to allow the reader to formulate ways for the company to grow in different markets. Its aim is twofold: to generate ideas and conclusions about growth management during a company's geographical expansion; and to formulate proper strategies for building brands from emerging markets.

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Brenes, E, Segura, M., & Pichardo, C. (2015). Agropecuaria Montelíbano. Journal of Business Research, 68(12), 2517–2526. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.06.029