During the last decades Latin America, as the rest of the world, has gone through a process of increased commercial openness and due to the commodities price boom of the last years the region has grown significantly. However competitiveness hasn't improved much, mostly due to lack of concern from governments. Companies, though, cope with the increase in competition resulting from the greater openness by refining their management practices in the different management areas: marketing, finance, information technology and strategy. Academics study these effects in the papers that comprise the special issue of the Journal of Business Research with the best papers from the conferences of the Business Association for Latin American Studies (BALAS).

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Brenes, E, Haar, J., & Requema, B. (2009). Latin America: Environmental and Firm-Level Challenges. Journal of Business Research, 62(9), 849–853. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2008.10.002