This paper explores the economic trends of Latin America, highlighting their influences on the strategies and behaviors of different types of businesses. It introduces a Special Issue featuring a selection of the best papers presented at the Sixth International Conference on Strategic Management in Latin America, held at INCAE Business School in 2015. The theme for this Conference was: “Strategies for Growth, Regional Expansion and Global Competition”. The Conference provided a big opportunity to exchange theoretical insights, empirical research results and applications of current Latin American strategic management issues.

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Keywords Strategy, Emerging Economies, Research, Strategic Management, Latin America
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Series INCAE Top Articles
Journal Journal of Business Research
Brenes, E, Camacho, A, Ciravegna, L, & (2016). Strategy and Innovation in Emerging Economies After the End of the Commodity Boom—Insights from Latin America. Journal of Business Research, 69(10), 4363–4367. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2016.03.059