This case study describes the Costa Rican coffee roaster and retail company Grupo Britt and provides sufficient information for readers to discuss the company's growth options in the US and Latin American markets. It has been prepared to facilitate discussion and learning about appropriate growth strategies and the building, positioning and branding of companies from emerging economies within the internationalization processes.

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Keywords Café, Chocolate, Productos de Marca, Planeamiento Estratégico, Posicionamiento (Publicidad), Mercadotecnia, Canales de Distribución, Sociedades Anónimas--Crecimiento
Publisher INCAE
Series INCAE Cases
Montoya, D., INSEAD, Cátedra Steve Aronson de Estrategia Y Agronegocios, Brenes, E, & Chattopadhyay, A. (2014). Grupo Britt N.V.: Debería Buscar Expandir el Negocio en los Estados Unidos? / Grupo Britt N.V.: Should It Seek To Expand Business In The Us? (No. 31018). INCAE Cases. INCAE.