This study furthers the research agenda on Porter's generic strategies by exploring their implementation by firms that suffer from under representation in the literature. It focuses on agribusinesses based in emerging markets that specialize in high value added products. Relying on information collected through interviews, and a survey with 66 agribusinesses based in eight countries of Latin America, it examines the factors that distinguish firms implementing a differentiation strategy (DS). The findings provide interesting insights for scholars and practitioners alike, illustrating the strategic initiatives that DS firms use to ensure they command higher than average prices.

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Brenes, E, Montoya, D., & Ciravegna, L. (2014). Differentiation Strategies in Emerging Markets - the Case of Latin American Agribusinesses. Journal of Business Research, 67(5), 847–855. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2013.07.003