The route between El Calafate, a gateway community, and Glaciers National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in the Patagonian region of Argentina is an undeveloped scenic roadway in which economic activity may fluctuate as a result of the level of physical development along the roadway. The view of this landscape along this roadway is a public good; therefore, the value of the landscape by tourists must be estimated by other than direct market signals in order to facilitate rational economic development planning. This study describes the tourists' demographics, trip characteristics, expenditure patterns and nonconsumptive use values associated with potential development that could alter the landscape along this scenic highway and its corresponding economic impact on the gateway community.

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Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimiento
Incae Business School

Ellingson, L., Seidl, A., & Pratt, L. (2010). A Route with a View: the Contribution of Scenic Landscapes to a World Heritage Site Gateway Community. Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimiento, 2(13/14), 557–566.