Although many cross-cultural leadership studies have been conducted in the past decade, relatively little attention has been paid to leadership in Latin America. Perceptions concerning the characteristics of outstanding leaders and differences in leadership preferences across countries in the region present important issues for organizations. This paper presents a detailed analysis of the leadership findings from the seminal GLOBE Project for this region, plus the addition of the country Peru. Findings indicate that there are region-wide as well as country-specific expected leadership behaviors. Our results help managers identify how different behaviors may be perceived across countries in Latin America.

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Journal of World Business
Incae Business School

Ogliastri, E, Sully de Luque, M.F., Ogliastri, E, & (2015). El Jefe: Differences in Expected Leadership Behaviors Across Latin American Countries. Journal of World Business, 50(3), 584–597. doi:10.1016/j.jwb.2014.12.002