Latin America and the Caribbean are often placed in the same geographical and economic grouping. However, too little is known in either region about the other’s business cultures and marketplaces. Marketing in Latin America and the Caribbean is a casebook that analyses the marketing histories, challenges, strategies and vision of small, medium and large indigenous businesses from South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. The book is divided into three core sections: Marketing Tactics, including product development, pricing and digital marketing; Marketing Strategy, which considers brand development, targeting and positioning, and competitive advantage; and, Global and Regional Marketing, considering strategic alliances, global expansion and supply chain management. The work also captures the competitive strategies used by indigenous firms to drive regional and global expansion in the face of sometimes turbulent marketing environments: several of the cases in the book encourage student readers to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the strategies and futures of Latin American and Caribbean firms. Filling a gap in the literature by focusing on this understudied region and its indigenous firms, this text is essential and recommended reading for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students studying International Marketing, Marketing Management and Strategy. It will also be of use to academic faculty seeking classroom material that captures authentic Latin American and Caribbean marketing realities. The work is supplemented by detailed Teaching Notes for each chapter, available online for instructors.

Routledge, March 2022
Knight, J., Noboa, F., Pacheco, B.
Incae Business School

Grigsby, M, & Rodríguez, C.A. (2022). William’s Dilemmas. In Knight, J., Noboa, F., & Pacheco, B. (Eds.), Marketing in Latin America and the Caribbean. Contemporary Case Studies. Routledge, March 2022.