CloneTech is a Costa Rican startup in agricultural technologies that collaborated with the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. We explored the process through which CloneTech established and consolidated itself as a company, how it came to collaborate with a Guatemalan university and, finally, the implications and impact of this collaboration. It was necessary to form a multidisciplinary group to develop the project, given that it united the technology and food industries. Diego Vargas, founder of CloneTech, had to deal with communication between the groups and the transition to a full out of side coordination process, which became challenging during the process of development and prototyping of the product due to movement restriction because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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INCAE , Cátedra René Morales de Emprendimiento, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
Incae Business School

Coma, P., Castillo, S., Arriola, E., García, I., Velásquez, T., & Figueredo, A. (2021). CloneTech: Start-up and University collaboration in IoT Precision Agriculture (No. 31365). INCAE Cases. Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.