What is the message? Speratum, a Costa Rican startup determined to find an effective therapy for pancreatic cancer, is operating effectively in a developing country, despite financial and non-financial challenges that life science enterprises face in this context. What is the evidence? Speratum, based in Costa Rica, is close to finishing its preclinical trials for a treatment for pancreatic cancer. Its work has been recognized internationally. Marín-Muller won the Dutch Innovation for Health and the Innovadores de América—Science and Technology category—prizes in 2018 and was the only Latin American invited to present his project in the Buckingham Palace among a group of 23 entrepreneurs from 15 countries around the world in the event Pitch at Palace.

Health Management, Policy and Innovation
Incae Business School

Prado, A, Gallo, B., & Casó, R. (2020). Speratum: Building a Life Science Startup in Costa Rica. Health Management, Policy and Innovation, 5(2).