As the COVID-19 pandemia is spreading around the globe, entrepreneurs, their ventures, and societies are facing unprecedented challenges. The following collection of articles published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice provides insights into important issues that can help navigate through these challenges. Entrepreneurs' Persistence in Crises Situations Ventures Navigating Through Hard Times Ventures Emerging to Help Others The Role of Communities in Navigating Through Crises

Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice
Incae Business School

Amorós, J. E., Ciravegna, L., Mandakovic, V., & Stenholm, P. (2019). Necessity or Opportunity? The Effects of State Fragility and Economic Development on Entrepreneurial Efforts. (2020, July). Entrepreneurship and COVID-19: Insights from Research Published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice.

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