The systemic complexity of sustainable development imposes a major cognitive challenge to students’ learning. Faculty can explore new approaches in the classroom to teach the topic successfully, including the use of technology. We conducted an experiment to compare the effectiveness of a simulation vis-à-vis a case-based method to teach sustainable development. We found that both pedagogical methods are effective for teaching this concept, although our results support the idea that simulations are slightly more effective than case studies, particularly to teach its multidimensional and inter-temporal nature. Therefore, our findings suggest the use of both simulations and case studies as pedagogical tools to convey the main ideas associated with sustainable development.

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Prado, A, López, L, Arce, R., García, J., & Pearson, A. (2019). Simulations Versus Case Studies: Effectively Teaching the Premises of Sustainable Development in the Classroom. Journal of Business Ethics, 161, 303–327. doi:10.1007/s10551-019-04217-5