This case presents four interviews on negotiation culture in India. The first one presents a family SME Indian businessman environment. The last three interviews answer the same questionnaire about the negotiation culture of India (questionnaire attached as Exhibit 1). They each describe and interpret the predominant negotiation culture in India from the particular viewpoint of their own culture, and in the different spheres of their business. The diversity of perspectives and experiences pose a challenge for a synthesis of the family business negotiation culture in India: the customs, attitudes, beliefs and most common behaviors that are found when searching for solutions to resolve differences in this environment. And so, in short, the case does not only points to the question of how negotiations are done in India, but also, for someone who comes to India to negotiate something, it may lead to a discussion on: How should you negotiate with family business in India?

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Ogliastri, E, Davis, M., Koch, H., Macchar, U., Malhotra, T., & Mehra, A. (2019). The Case of Nutraceutical Co. Negotiating with Family Business in India (No. 31330). INCAE Cases. INCAE.