The literature on high-tech international new ventures (INVs) has failed to consider the precursors of service advantage within the strategy interplay for approaching new markets overseas. Services account for an increasingly crucial component, especially in high-tech manufacturing sector. Attaining competitive advantage in international markets is contingent upon the level of service the firm offers to its customers. Building on the resource-based view, this study advances the literature by analyzing an integrative model of service advantage based on INVs' service capabilities. The findings show that service capabilities, leveraged from entrepreneurial orientation and informational resources, are central to attaining superior performance when developing a service advantage. Due to the high-velocity environment in which high-tech INVs compete, new strategies are needed for attaining service advantage. This study's findings have influential implications for research on new-venture decision making and international marketing.

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Keywords International new ventures, Service advantage, Informational resources, Service capabilities, Entrepreneurial orientation, Export venture performance
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Series INCAE Top Articles
Journal Journal of Business Research
Ciravegna, L, Martin, S.L., & Javalgi, R. G. (2018). Service Advantage Built on Service Capabilities: An Empirical Inquiry of International New Ventures. Journal of Business Research, 88, 371–381. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2018.01.024