This study analyzes the known antecedents of firm performance in emerging markets. It proposes a configurational approach for identifying the combinations of antecedents that are equifinally linked to high performance under different levels of institutional voids. The paper examines a sample of 200 firms based in 12 economies, focusing on the role of family management, vertical integration, firm size, internationalization and collaboration with other organizations. This study extends the research agenda on strategy and performance in emerging markets through a novel methodological approach, focusing on asymmetric and equifinal causal relationships. It examines an understudied region (Latin America) and industry (Agribusiness).

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Keywords Qualitative comparative analysis, Institutions, Strategy, Transaction costs, Organizational configurations, Family business, Networks, Latin America, Agribusiness
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Series INCAE Top Articles
Journal Journal of Business Research
Brenes, E, Ciravegna, L, & Pichardo, C.A. (2019). Managing Institutional Voids: A Configurational Approach to Understanding High Performance Antecedents. Journal of Business Research, 105, 345–358. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2018.03.022