In 1986 Jose Saldana was working in a fast growing IT corporation in Texas when he received a call from his brother Alvaro, who asked him to resign from his job and come join him in Miami. Alvaro was launching a new company— SM TexTech, Inc.—which would supply brand and care labels for the textile assembly industry operating in drawback operations throughout the Caribbean Basin. Alvaro and Jose were both born and raised in Nicaragua. In 1997, the brothers convinced their sister Ramona, who lived in Costa Rica and had a degree in Information Systems, to open a subsidiary of TexTech. By 2007 TexTech had stores in Managua, all strategically located and the company seemed to be ready for its next strategic stage. In 2008 and 2009 Jose and Alvaro's older sons came to work for the company. Young Alvaro became a management assistant, overseeing marketing and sales and Young Jose became the manager of workshop and storage rooms.