This case is to familiarize students with the peculiarities of social enterprises (SEs). They would be able to recognize that SEs are hybrid organizations that merge a social purpose with the managerial logics of business ventures. Because of this dual nature, social entrepreneurs need to balance their social aim and the financial viability of the project when analyzing different ways to grow the business, as well as understand and address internal tensions that arise because they have to deal with diverse stakeholders. At the end of the analysis, students would have clear that social and commercial ventures respond to different logics, and therefore, require different managerial models.

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Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies
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Zúñiga, R, & Benetti, S. (2019). Hope Home: Early Childhood Education for Social Change. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies (Vol. 9, pp. 1–44). Emerald Publishing Limited. doi:10.1108/EEMCS-05-2019-0104