Understanding the Chinese miracle, and in particular the successful, diverse, and dynamic internationalisation processes of Chinese firms, has become a priority research subject in many academic centres and institutions. Several books and articles published in recent years have provided a comprehensive overview of the strategies Chinese multinationals have used to enter new markets and gain access to new technologies, as well as the role played by regional and national government policies in the international expansion of Chinese companies. However, very little has been written on the internationalisation of Chinese SMEs. This is a gap in the literature considering their crucial role in entrepreneurship, job creation, technology diffusion, fi scal income, identifi cation and adoption of international best practices, risk diversifi cation and wealth generation (Cardoza, 1997). In this context, the aim of this chapter is to try to fi ll part of this gap and also to identify areas for future research.

Fu, X.
Incae Business School

Cardoza, G, & Fornes, G. (2012). National and International Expansion of Chinese SMEs: A Different Story?. In Fu, X. (Ed.), China's Role in Global Economic Recovery (pp. 167–177). Routledge. doi:10.4324/9780203803257