In this PDW the authors propose to discuss two different approaches to the global leadership: from a group specialized in international business research and from a second one focused on Leadership Development in multinationals. The first group’s research findings request specific competences for leaders depending on their local markets. On the other hand, the second group conclusions after working with multinationals all over the world is that global competencies are required for leaders of multinationals in order to create a common culture and common leadership for the company leaders worldwide. Our proposal for the PDW is to discuss around these two approaches and define useful lessons both for practitioners and researchers.

Academy of Management Annual Meeting, PDW, August 2012
Incae Business School

Ilie, C, Cardoza, G, Beechler, S., Fornes, G., Hugas, J., & Yorks, L. (2012). Leadership for Global Growth in Developed and Emerging Economies: A Similar Story?. In Academy of Management Annual Meeting, PDW, August 2012.