SER was a company belonging to the Grupo Pellas Corporation. The Corporation operated in 5 countries, had 6 subsidiaries, employed more than 25,000 people, had more than 43,700 manzanas of sugarcane crops just in Nicaragua alone and had global annual sales of more than US $700 million. In 2008, due to the negative effects of the crisis on the company’s business model, the company decided to implement a BI system to optimize its processes in order to reduce costs and increase productivity. The purpose of this case is to provide students and managers with a chance to learn about and discuss the implementation of one of the most important information systems: business intelligence (BI).

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Incae Business School

Barahona, J.C, & Zamora, D. (2015). Innovation and Efficiency Guided by Data: Business Intelligence at the Grupo Pellas SER Company. Presented at the BALAS.