Purpose The purpose of this paper is to introduce the anniversary issue marking 30 years of academic publication. Design/methodology/approach This anniversary issue contains 12 articles from 11 countries and 17 academic institutions which present literature reviews, meta-analyses, and novel studies. It also contains testimonials about the history of the journal from Enrique Ogliastri (Editor and/or Director between 1998 and 2018), Elvira Salgado (Editor between 2002 and 2013), and Carlos Pombo (Chief Editor, 2013 to the present). Findings The history of the journal may be divided into five stages: first, the foundation at the Universidad de Chile (1988-1998); second, the move to the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá) and the preparation of a proposal to the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) for inclusion among the scientific journals of the world (1999-2004); third, a period of consolidation in Latin America (2004-2007); fourth, the acceptance of the journal in ISI and the development of an electronic platform with free access to the journal (2008-2013); and fifth, the entry of the Emerald group as editorial partner (2013-2018). Originality/value The 12 articles present literature reviews, meta-analyzes, and novel studies.

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Ogliastri, E, Pombo, C., & Salgado, E. (2018). Thirty Years of the Academic Journal (ARLA). Academia. Revista Latinoamericana de Administración (Vol. 31, pp. 2–28).