This issue sees the Emerald Group join the journal as a partner and includes five papers about innovation and two general pieces. The introduction to the theme of innovation reviews international and Latin American literature and analyzes Latin American patents in the USA. There is a study of university patents in Mexico from 1995 to 2009, as well as a case study of two new technology companies in Brazil and the positive role played in their development by a family conglomerate which filled the institutional voids around them. A data analysis is conducted on the dissemination of eight electronic products in the nine largest Latin American countries, and econometric studies look at agro‐industrial marketing in Chile. Another paper examines the effect of adopting new international accounting laws (IFRS) on the quality of information provided by companies in the Chilean market. Finally, the paper examines the influence of managerial perceptions on the strategic responses adopted by four Colombian organizations when facing a political crisis. This edition includes contributions from Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, Nicaragua and the UK.

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Academia. Revista Latinoamericana de Administración , INCAE Top Articles
Incae Business School

Ogliastri, E. (2013). Editorial: Innovation in Latin America. INCAE Top Articles, 26(1), 4–11. doi:10.1108/ARLA-05-2013-0038