Many studies have analysed how gender diversity and local culture condition the cognitive styles of managers and affect decision-making processes in organizations. Gender diversity has been defended from an equality perspective; it has been argued to improve decision-making processes and to have a positive impact on companies’ return on investment. The present study analyses the differences between the thinking styles of men and women, in Latin America and the United States that support decision-making processes. An argument is given in favour of gender diversity in management teams, because of its positive implications in decision-making.
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Academia. Revista Latinoamericana de Administración
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Ilie, C, & Cardoza, G. (2018). Thinking Styles, Gender and Decision Making in Latin American management: A Comparative Study with the USA. Academia. Revista Latinoamericana de Administración, 31(1), 29–42. doi:10.1108/ARLA-04-2017-0093